March 2020

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Whilst we’re in the enviable position of being able to operate pretty much as usual, we’ve seen first-hand how the current crisis is proving a massive challenge for some of our customers. We’d like to do what we can to help other organisations that are more directly affected than we are.
So, as far as our own costs allow, we’re offering a few Scottish business’s free access to our cloud analytics and forecasting platform for a few months to help ride out the crisis. Our hope is that we can help with short term financial planning or enabling staff to work from home, so local organisations are better able to survive the crisis.

Our resources are limited, and we will put in some of our own time and effort to help organisations on board, so we need to limit this offer to a few companies we think we can make the most difference with. The software works best for medium or large organisations who have enough data to make forecasting accurate or remote access challenging.

If you think this could help your organisation, please just get in touch at