Intelligent Alerts

Live alerts, delivered anywhere

With alerts generated by our live analytics engine, your staff can be notified immediately on their mobile devices, by email, twitter or via wearable tech about live situations as they occur in real time. Take business agility to another level, allow your staff to react to opportunities as they happen.

Give your staff a sixth sense

Alert anyone, anywhere, at any time. 

Imagine if your staff knew immediately when anything important happened. They were able to sense when a large order was placed, waiting time exceeded a threshold, a database was compromised or currencies shifted in the company’s favour. DataPA OpenAnalytics allows you to choose any business event, and alert anyone, anywhere at any time.

Created by anyone

Built on our revolutionary live analytics engine, DataPA OpenAnalytics allows any user within the organisation to quickly and easily define alerts and determine when and how they are delivered.

Give staff throughout your organisation the power to create and adapt event notifications every day to suit their changing needs.

Delivered in any environment with Wearable Intelligence

For some environments, such as a noisy factory floor, traditional audible notifications are easily missed.

DataPA OpenAnalytics alerts, delivered to wearable tech such as Android Wear smart watches ensure staff never miss critical notifications regardless of the environmental conditions.

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