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With inmydata and OpenAnalytics, DataPA delivers innovative analytics solutions to over 30 thousand users, in more than 300 companies across 11 countries

Analytics for OpenEdge

We believe using OpenEdge should make analytics easy. Analytics should completment your app, making it more intelligent and more beautiful.


inmydata uses machine learning to intelligently automate analytics, reducing the time and money required to drive success from your data

Share Insight

Create visually stunning, interactive dashboards and publish them to mobile and web with a single click.

Embedded Analytics

Make your software more intelligent and more beautiful so it is easier to sell and drives more revenue with OpenAnalytics, our embedded analytics solution.

Intelligent Alerts

Make your business more agile by allowing staff to be alerted immediately when something important happens in the organisation.
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Drive success from your data

inmydata intelligently automates analytics, reducing the time and money required to drive success from your data. We deliver a platform to explore data at scale, automated insights and automated forecasting so you can set the right goals, and dashboards so you can measure your performance against those goals.

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Live alerts delivered anywhere

Alert anyone, anywhere, anytime

Imagine if your employees could sense when something important happened in your organisation, wherever they were, however noisy or distracting the environment. With DataPA OpenAnalytics business users can configure their own intelligent alerts to mobile and wearable devices.

Make your app more intelligent and more beautiful

When it comes to selling software, looks matter. That's why we make it easy to create and embed beautiful dashboards into your app. With a single payment or annual fee, you can distribute beautiful analytics to your entire client base with no extra cost.

Beautiful intelligence for mobile and web

Create, discover, share and collaborate

DataPA Enterprise makes is simple to create visually stunning, interactive dashboards and publish them to mobile and web with a single click. With built in collaboration, colleagues can remotely watch on any modern device, as you explore and discover insight with any published dashboard.









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