Consultancy Partner Program

Consultancy Partner Program - Join us

An opportunity for OpenEdge Consultants

DataPA OpenAnalytics is the leading analytics and business intelligence solution for OpenEdge. Often we partner with OpenEdge application vendors, who not only embed the software into their solutions, but also configure the application so business users can easily build their own content out of the box.


Your expertise is invaluable

DataPA OpenAnalytics is also often sold direct to end user organisations. Whilst many non-technical users successfully use the software without any prior knowledge or configuration, sometimes a little help from someone with some technical knowledge of OpenEdge AppServers and the ABL could allow them to get a whole lot more from the platform. In these circumstances, a local consultancy partner, with expertise in the customers particular industry is invaluable.

If you’re part of a services company that has OpenEdge AppServer and ABL knowledge, and you’d like another source of revenue, we’d love to hear from you.

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