OpenAnalytics for inmydata

Two products in perfect harmony

DataPA OpenAnalytics and inmydata have been designed from the outset to both enhance and complement each other. Satisfying different analytics needs within the organisation, and providing complimentary functionality, the two products together have the power to transform any organisation.

Products that enhance and complement each other.

inmydata's cloud and machine learning analytics platform is perfect for senior members of an organisation to explore and investigate the performance of their organisation. In contrast, DataPA OpenAnalytics is perfect for creating and sharing dashboards that provide the exact information required by operational staff.

Not only do the two products complement each other by satisfying different requirements, they are built to integrate seamlessly, enhancing the capabilities of both platforms.

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Automate uploading data to inmydata

With OpenAnalytics, it's simple to create queries that extract data from across the organisation and push that data into the inmydata cloud storage. 

Combined with a simple mechanism to automate the running of queries, OpenAnalytics makes it easy to implement an automated service so inmydata shows up to the minute information from your business.

Dashboards summarising millions of rows

OpenAnalytics is perfect for creating and sharing dashboards that give the exact information operational staff require, when and where they need it.

With inmydata queries built directly into the OpenAnalytics query engine, it's as simple as entering your login details and selecting the data you require to create dashboards that draw summaries of millions of rows from inmydata.

Extract and blend data from inmydata in Excel

The OpenAnalytics Excel Addin makes it simple to create and run extracts from inmydata directly in the Excel interface. 

Combined with the power to simply blend data from different inmydata datasets, or anywhere else, this tool allows you to create the perfect data extracts quickly and easily, directly in the Excel interface.



Instant analytics on any device

inmydata uses to power of server-less cloud architecture and machine learning so the instant your data is uploaded you can navigate to any possible view in seconds. Perfect for senior members of an organisation, inmydata lets users explore, investigate and share opportunities instantly, on any device.

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