OpenAnalytics for Developers

Make your software more beautiful
and easier to sell

When it comes to selling software, looks matter. Exceed your customer’s expectations in both presentation and functionality by seamlessly embedding beautiful, real-time dashboards, charts and reports into your OpenEdge application in minutes.

Drive more revenue from existing customers

Your own branded software

Offer your customers a business intelligence module perfectly tailored for your software and branded as your own, allowing them to create their own business intelligence and deliver it instantly to any device, anywhere.

Seamless integration with your apps

DataPA OpenAnalytics is designed to integrate seamlessly into any application.

Our SDK includes native .NET and ActiveX COM components for desktop applications and web based components for web and mobile, so whatever environment you target with your app, we make it easy to embed beautiful analytics.

Seamless integration with your Business Logic

Most business applications contain huge amounts of logic that is valuable to any analytics layer. We strongly believe it should be easy to leverage that logic, whatever technology was used to write it. That's why we natively support integration with .NET code, SQL stored procedures and OpenEdge ABL code and have an open api to allow us to rapidly engineer an interface to just about anything else.

The result is reduced development and maintenance time and costs and the delivery of live, complex analytics without affecting the performance of the business application.

Royalty free client distribution

With a single one off payment or annual fee, our OEM agreements allow you to add stunning reports, dashboards and queries to your business application and roll them out to your entire customer base with no extra cost.

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Make your software more beautiful, and earn more revenue.

Get support and help

Course: End User

This course covers the skills required to use DataPA OpenAnalytics to create and publish dashboards, reports and queries.

Help manual

The following help manual covers all aspects of using and administering DataPA OpenAnalytics for your organisation.

API Reference

This reference document gives a detail reference of the API that can be used to embed DataPA OpenAnalytics components into your application.

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