OpenAnalytics for OpenEdge

Making Analytics for OpenEdge easy

At DataPA we believe your use of OpenEdge should be an advantage, not a hindrance when it comes to Analytics. That’s why alongside all the standard data connectivity you’d expect we support native AppServer connections for OpenEdge. And why we also work tirelessly to make sure we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, introducing live analytics, mobile apps, collaboration and intelligent alerts well ahead of most competitors.

Discover opportunities as they happen

Live data is important. 

We don’t believe making decisions on what happened yesterday gives your business the competitive advantage it needs. That’s why our native AppServer connection, safely managed by OpenEdge so your business application never slows, is so important. It means your staff can explore live data without boundaries, discovering unforeseen opportunities as they happen.

Familiar and painless to implement

We don’t see why you should have to learn new architecture and languages when you’re already comfortable with technology perfectly suited to building an analytics framework.

That’s why with DataPA OpenAnalytics you’ll find everything familiar and intuitive, whether it’s defining filters and calculated columns with ABL expressions, or configuring an AppServer to connect a database.

Why rewrite business logic?

For many companies you’ve already written logic in the ABL for many of the business calculations you’ll need in your analytics solution.

We don’t see why you have to do this twice, so DataPA OpenAnalytics can directly call your existing logic to generate data for reports, queries and dashboards.

Seamless integration with all OpenEdge technologies

We don’t see why OpenEdge developers should have to struggle with components that just don’t work as they should in an OpenEdge environment, or interpret examples and tutorials written for other languages.

That’s why our SDK includes HTML5 components for Rollbase and Webspeed, .NET components for GUI for .NET and ActiveX COM components for Progress GUI. And why all our documentation and training give examples in Progress ABL and .NET for GUI as well as other languages.

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