October 2015

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Look up pretty much any survey on IT priorities over the last few years, and analytics is consistently number one. Not only that, the number of decision makers reporting that it is their highest priority is growing year on year.

Why? Well we think the major reason is modern analytics offers real disruptive change for organisations, rather than just the iterative efficiencies afforded by traditional BI. This change has been driven by the development from passive reporting to technology that allows users to actively discover, share and collaborate with insight about their organisation.

In our presentation at PUG Challenge EMEA in Copenhagen next week, we’ll explore these ideas further and show how some of our customers are using our technology to radically change how they do business. Here at DataPA we believe this is just the start of a hugely exciting cycle of innovation in analytics, offering huge potential for us and our partners. We’ll also discuss the innovations we’re introducing to our software in the next few months and beyond. Innovations that we’re convinced will keep us and our partners at the forefront of this revolution. We’d love you to join us.