DataPA Enterprise Server

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The DataPA Enterprise server allows stakeholders in an organisation to publish and share business intelligence across many networks and physical locations. With an installation of DataPA Enterprise, the configuration of the DataPA Analytics Engine and published dashboard, reports and queries are stored on a single server and shared across many client machines.




DataPA Enterprise comprises of a number of services and web applications installed on one or more servers. DataPA Enterprise can be configured from the Settings screen from the web application or the Manage Server screen in the client applications.




If, in the Client Settings options, you elect to set your Data Location to a DataPA Enterprise Server then the Manage Server screen in the client applications becomes available. The settings and the manage server screen, access to which is controlled via a group permission item, allows the administrator to manage all aspects of the behaviour of the DataPA Enterprise processes. The screen comprises of the following tabs;


Access Security

Allows you to set high-level security options relating to the DataPA Enterprise Service


Allows you to administer groups, to which users belong, that control access to functions and content.


Allows you to administer users that have access to DataPA Enterprise.


Allows you to administer categories to which content is published and access can be granted or denied to specific groups.

Data Access

Allows you to administer security details DataPA Enterprise will use when connecting to a business application.


Allows you to administer the look and feel of the DataPA Enterprise web application.


Allows you to customise the colours and images that define the theme for the website


Allows you to administer different logging methods on the DataPA Enterprise processes.


Allows you to administer email alerts to notify administrators when key events occur.


Allows you to configure which third party apps are integrated with DataPA Enterprise


Allows you to administer the use of agents within DataPA Enterprise.

Service Agents

Allows you to configure agents that allow queries to be refreshed on a servers other that the server that hosts the web server

Processing Agents

Allows you to configure processing agents which


Allows you to tune the behaviour of DataPA Enterprise web application.


Allows you to tune memory and disk resources used by DataPA Enterprise

File Management

Allows you to administer file locations and limits for data stored by DataPA Enterprise.

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