Welcome to the DataPA OpenAnalytics help file. Here you will find help and advice for all aspects of using DataPA OpenAnalytics.


To start using DataPA OpenAnalytics we recommend that you follow the chapter on Getting Started.


You can create many types of queries without any further configuration by simply opening the query wizard.


However, in some environments you will wish to provide a structured framework to guide less experienced users through the process of extracting data. To accomplish this, you will need to configure the Analytics Engine.


The Wizards in DataPA's Analytics Engine are simple to use, allowing analysts to create Systems, Links, Lookups and rationalise a Database into Subjects.


A second set of wizards in the Query Options then allows the end user to build on this analysis and quickly and efficiently define their own queries.


The retrieved data is then populated into the host application, for example DataPA Reports, DataPA Enterprise Dashboard, Excel, or Access.


The full power of the host application can then be used to manipulate and present the data in a manner best suited to your needs.





The Systems Wizard allows you to define the connection parameters so DataPA can then connect to your chosen data sources.


The Links Wizard allows you to rationalise your database by letting you  Create or Modify Links between the tables.


The Lookups Wizard allows you to define user friendly selection lists that can be used to select parameter values when a query is run.


The Subjects Wizard lets you combine related tables and fields into 'Subjects'. Subjects are used as the basis for all Queries, removing the need for an end user to understand the database table relationships.  More complex data retrieval can be achieved by creating Subjects business logic.


The Query Wizard guides the end user quickly and easily through the process of producing their own Queries, allowing them to specify their own search and sort parameters.



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