File Management

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To allow you to monitor and control disk usage by the DataPA Enterprise service, you can set where different types of data are stored:


Folder on the server where published content is stored

These are the files holding

Dashboards from the Enterprise Dashboard (*.edp)
Reports from the Report Designer (*.rpa)
Queries from the MS Excel / Access add-ins (*.qpa).



Folder on the server where information about published dashboards is stored

Information on the published dashboards such as last refresh time and status is held in DataPAEnterpriseInfoStore.dat.


Folder on the server where alert images are cached

Dashboards can be set to raise alerts which are raised as a notification on any associated mobile devices. When an alert is raised, an image of the chart is created and temporarily cached to be retrieved by wearable devices on request. This setting determines which directory on the server is used to cache these images.


Folder on the server where the setup (systems, links, subjects etc.) is stored

These files (Subjects.dat SDOs.dat Partitions.dat Lookups.dat Links.dat Conditions.dat) hold the configuration from the Analytics Engine window. This window is used to maintain details of Systems, Links and Subjects for DataPA.


You can choose to either store the setup information on a local or network drive or you can choose to store the setup on a Progress AppServer.


If you choose to store the setup on a Progress AppServer then, as well as choosing the AppServer, you can select if the AppServer is a session free one and whether you want the setup information stored in binary form or in a database.


NB if you choose to store the setup in a database then some custom business logic will be required on the AppServer. Please refer to the DataPA Administrator course for more details on this.



Retain a backup copy of the original security files and setup data before each save

The security settings relating to the server are stored on the server in the DataPA folder located in the Windows common application data folder. The settings are stored in the file named DataPAEnterpriseSecuritySettings.dat.


When changes are made to the DataPA Enterprise security setup, before the new configuration is written to the DataPAEnterpriseSecuritySettings.dat file the previous version is renamed to something of the form DataPAEnterpriseSecuritySettings.dat.210201216726691.


This allows you to restore your setup should you make a mistake.


To restore a previous setup, proceed as follows:

Stop the DataPA Enterprise service (Control panel, Services)
Rename DataPAEnterpriseSecuritySettings.dat to some unique name
Rename the previous version you wish to restore to DataPAEnterpriseSecuritySettings.dat
Restart the DataPA Enterprise service (Control panel, Services)






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