Adding fields to a report

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Fields are objects that represent data returned by the query that is embedded in your report. See below for details on how to add, edit and delete fields whilst in design mode in the report designer.


There are two methods for adding fields to a report. Whichever method you use, if a field is added to the detail section, a corresponding label will be added to the group header or page header section as applicable.


Adding a field - Method 1


Select one or more fields in the fields panel.




Drag the selected field(s) to a section on the report.




Resize and format the field as required.



Adding a field - Method 2


Select the Field button from the Tools Panel.



Draw the field on to a section of the report.



Select the field you wish to add to the report.



Resize and format the field as required.



Deleting a field


Select the field in the sections panel, then either press the delete key, or press the right mouse button and select delete from the drop down menu.


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