Import Export Wizard - Select Import or Export Type

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This screen allows you to select the type of import or export you wish to use. As each type of import or export is selected, a description is displayed in the panel on the right.




Once you have selected the appropriate import or export type, press Next to continue.

The available Options are

Import from a DataPA Export File

Import systems, Link and Lookups from a DataPA Export File created from another instance of DataPA.

Click on 'Next>' to Select the File to Import

Import from Results

Import table relations created in Progress Results and stored in a Progress Results query configuration file.

Click on 'Next>' to Select the File to Import

Export to a DataPA Export File

Export Systems and Subjects to a DataPA Export File, this allows you to share Analytics Engine Information with other DataPA users.

Click 'Next>' to Select Data to export.

Import Links from Database

Analyses the structure of your database(s) looking for tables relations and create DataPA links,

Click 'Next>' to Select the System to Import into.

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