Import Export Wizard - Select Data to Export

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If you have opted to export data, this screen allows you to select which systems and subjects you wish to export.


A tree-view will display the Systems (and their associated Subjects) that are in your DataPA Analytics Engine.  There is a check box against each System and Subject.  Choose which Systems and Subjects to export (or not) by clicking on the relevant check boxes.  When a System is exported, its Links are always exported with it.


When you select a System, its Subjects will also be selected.  If you do not wish to export a subject, click on its check box to deselect it.  


You can select all subjects (Task ) or deselect all (UnCheckedTask ) by clicking on the appropriate icon.


It is also possible to Apply a Filter to the List by typing into the Filter clip696

Note: Applying a Filter will deselect any Subjects that have been selected that are excluded from the filter.


You can NOT export a Subject without also exporting the System that it belongs to.




Once you have chosen which Systems and Subjects to export, click on the Next button to continue.


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