Link Wizard - Select System

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The Link Wizard - Select System form allows you to choose which system you are creating a link for.  This Form Only appears when you are creating a New Link, as it is not possible to transfer existing Links between systems. If a System was selected prior to opening the wizard the system will already be selected.




Once you have chosen a system using the drop down combo, its name will be displayed in the list view underneath.  If you are not already connected to the chosen System, DataPA will display a message letting you know that it is now connecting.  DataPA needs to be connected to the chosen System so it can read the structure of the Database.


Click on the 'Next >' button to move on to the Link Wizard - Select Tables To Join form.  At any time, you can click on 'Cancel' to quit the Link Wizard without saving your changes, or '< Back' to return to the previous screen.



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