Link Wizard - Select Tables To Join

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The 'Link Wizard - Select Tables To Join' screen lets you specify the tables you wish to Link together, and the nature of the join you wish to link them with.




For example, if you wanted to produce reports on Customers and include Customer Order information, you would need to create a Link between the Customer Table and the CustomerOrder Table.  The Customer Table would be the Source Table,

and its name would be entered into the appropriate combo box shown above.  In the second combo box you would enter the Target Table, which in this case would be the CustomerOrder Table.


If the drop down boxes are not showing the tables you expect, or Newly added  tables are not visible clicking on the Refresh buttons will


Once you have selected the Tables you can specify the nature of the join between them by clicking on either Inner Join or Outer Join.


The basic difference between an Inner Join and an Outer Join is that if you had an Inner Join between a Customer and their Orders, you would only see the Customer's details if the query found any Orders for them.  With an Outer Join you will see the Customer details regardless of whether any Orders are found or not.


Once you have selected the tables to be joined :-

In Create mode click 'Next >'
In Modify mode select the Define Join Tab


to move on to the Link Wizard - Define Join screen where you can specify the column which Link the tables together. In the Case of a Customer Table and a Customer Order Table the linking field might be CustNum.




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