Load Default Links Wizard - Select Tables

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This screen lets you select the Tables for which you want to load the links for. Only table relations where both the tables in the relation are selected, will be loaded as default links. The form contains a list of Available Tables and a list of the Tables you have selected.


To select your first Table, click in the Available list, on the table you wish to select.  This will highlight your choice.  Then click on the '>>' button to move your choice over to the Selected list.

At least two tables must be selected.

If you incorrectly select a table, you can click on it in the Selected List and use the '<<' button to move it back to the Available List.


By holding down the mouse button and dragging you can choose multiple tables in either list, to move over to the other list.


You can also Select or Deselect All Tables using the "Select All" or "Deselect All" buttons.


If there are a large number of tables there are two filters which will limit the lists to those containing the text that is entered.


Once you have selected all the tables that you wish to create links for, click on the 'Next >' button to move on to the Load Default Links Wizard - Processing.


Click on the '< Back' button to return to the Link Wizard - Select System form.


Click on the 'Cancel' button at any time to leave the Load Default Links Wizard and return to DataPA Analytics Engine Main screen without saving any changes.



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