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The Numeric Format tab of the Data Grid Column Format dialog allows you to define the numeric format for one or more columns in a data grid on the dashboard. You can specify that the columns uses the default format for the data grid, uses a specific format defined for these columns or use a column in the source data to provide a format. Each of these options is described in more detail below.


If the Numeric Format tab is not enabled in the Data Grid Column Format window, it indicates that one or more of the columns selected is not a numeric column.



To specify that the column should inherit its format from that defined for the dashboard object, select the Use the default format for this object option.


To specify a specific format for this column, select the Define a specific format for this column option. Next, select the maximum number of decimal places you want to show. If your values are currency values, select force trailing zeros. Finally, if you require it select a currency symbol (value that will be displayed before your numeric values). If the value you want is not in the list, select other and enter your desired value. You can also enter a number suffix, a string that will be displayed after numeric values.



On occasions you may wish to format individual cells in a single column differently. You can achieve this by including a column in your data that contains a format string. The column can be populated by some business logic on the server using a business logic subject, with a calculated field in the subject or by a calculated field in the dashboard.


The format column should contain a Microsoft Standard Numeric Format string such as "c" or "p", or a Custom Numeric Format string such as "%#0.00" or "$#,##0.00".


Once the column containing the format strings has been added to the query data set used to build the data for the data grid, select the Use a format provided by the values of a column in the source data set option, then select the format column in the Select the column that contains the format list.



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