Tree View Selection Panel - Data

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The Tree View Selection Panel window Data tab allows you to specify the data that will be used to display  and build the filters for your tree view selection panel.


Follow the steps below to specify the data;


First select the Query data set that you wish to base your dashboard object;



If you wish to, press the filter button to apply a filter to your data set. Next, decide how you want to group your data, and select the appropriate option;


Next, add the group columns you require select at least one root group item.



To select a group item, select the column in the Available Columns list, and press the Add Column button.


If you want to add further filter categories within the selected group(s), you can add child filter groups.


To add a child filter group, select the parent filter group in the tree view on the right hand side, then select the child filter column in the Available Columns list, and press the add child column button.



If the values you require to filter on are not directly available from the columns listed, press the Calculated Column button to open the Calculated Column Editor which allows you to add, modify or delete calculated columns.


If you wish to, you can change the way group values are grouped, sorted and displayed by selecting the group options button to open the group options window.


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