Define the Data Filter

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The Define Data Filter window allows you to define a filter to be applied to a query data set before it is summarised to build a dashboard object or populate a filter parameter. You can define the data filter using the filter builder, using a tree view filter panel, or by manually editing the filter.



Follow the steps below to define a filter using the filter builder;



Select the Filter Builder tab.



Press Add to open the define filter condition window and create a new condition.



To delete a condition, select the condition and press Delete.


To Edit a condition, select the condition and press Edit to open the define filter condition to edit the condition.



To group or ungroup conditions, select the conditions and press group or ungroup.


To add a filter based on a tree view filter panel, you must first create a tree view filter panel that contains columns  with the same name and data type as those you wish to apply the filter to. Once you have created a suitable tree view filter panel, follow these steps to create a filter based on it;



First select the Tree View Selection Panel tab, then use the buttons to move the tree view(s) you want to apply to the filter across to the selected list.


This video shows these steps in more detail.


Follow these steps to manually edit the filter condition;



Select the Manually edit the filter tab.




Select the Edit the filter manually checkbox.



Filters are applied to the data using the Microsoft ADO.NET RowFilter property. For more information on the syntax of the string required, see DataView.RowFilter Property.


Enter the required filter string and press OK to confirm.

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