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The Subject Condition form lets you build up the components of your Subject Criteria.  Your Subject Condition can either be a 'Fixed Value', a 'Required Value' a 'List of Values' or an 'Expression'.  These can be set using the A Fixed Value is a value which is permanently in the condition.  A 'Required Value' is one that the user is prompted to enter whenever they run a Query based on the Subject.  A 'List of Values' is a list of fixed values of which one must be true for a record to be included in the results.


When you have multiple conditions, you can choose whether your condition logic states;

' where condition 1 AND condition 2'  or  ' where condition 1 OR condition 2'  by using the condition combo box in the top left corner of the form.


Note you can the Preview Data button in this screen to preview a sample of data the field contains.


Using the relevant Combo boxes Select the appropriate Table and Field from the Tables which you have built into the subject.


Then select the appropriate Qualifier.









Click on the 'Fixed Value' radio set to enable the Fixed Value text box.  You can then enter the Fixed Value that future Queries will compare the selected field against.


You can also compare against an expression by clicking the "Expression" tab and entering a valid Progress expression in the text box provided.






A Required Value is one which the user is required to enter at Query run time.


The 'Required Value Name' is the Name or Label that will be displayed when the user is prompted to enter a value at Query run time.

The 'Required Value Description' is the description or help message that will be displayed when the user is prompted to enter a value at Query run time.


By putting a tick in the 'Mandatory' check box, you can determine whether or not the user is forced to enter a value when running a Query based on this Subject. A Non-Mandatory condition gives the user the option to 'Skip' entering a value when running a Query based on the Subject.







A list of values is in effect a list of Fixed values.


Type each List Item into the Fixed Value text box and then click on 'Add' to add it to the List.


To delete an Item highlight it with the mouse and press delete.




An expression is a Progress calculation involving one or more columns.


An expression can be typed in directly into the Expression box, or be generated using the  column and function options.


The 'Add New Function' or  'Edit' icon will load the Function Wizard screen to add/Edit a User Defined Function.


The Function is a set of Progress functions that can be used to build the expression.


The Check Syntax button will check that the Expression is valid before leaving the screen.


Once your Condition is defined, click on 'OK' to return to the Subject Wizard - Define Criteria form where you will see your condition listed in the list view.


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