Function Wizard - Name and Description

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The Function Wizard form lets you build up the a new User Defined Function.  Any Of these functions will be available to any subject in any system within the Analytic Engine.


When you Create a Function you must give it a name.  This should be entered in the text box labeled 'Function Name'.


If you wish, you can also enter a Description of the Subject in the box provided.


You must also select a 'Data Type' for your Function.




Click on the 'Next >' button to continue to the Function Wizard - Parameters form.


Click on the 'Cancel' button at any time to leave the Function Wizard without saving any changes.


Click on the '< Back' button at any time to step back and review your work.


Once your Condition is defined, click on 'OK' to return to the Subject Condition or Calculated Column form where you will see your condition listed in the list view.




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