Query Wizard - Create New or Copy Existing Query

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This step of the Query Wizard is only available when you are creating a new report in the DataPA Report Designer or in the DataPA Enterprise Dashboard.


To preserve the integrity of your reports and dashboards, the Report Designer and Enterprise Dashboard bind the Queries to the reports and dashboards and prevent them from being accessed as a separate entities. You can either create a new Query to base your report or dashboard on, or you can take a copy of an existing Query.


Create a new query is the default setting.  If you select this option and click on 'Next>' you will proceed through the Query Wizard creating a new Query which will then be bound to your report and used as its data source.


Copy an existing query If you click on this option you can then click on the browse button.  A standard Windows 'Open' dialogue box will appear and you can select the query you would like to take a copy of.  Click on 'Next>' to then proceed through the Query Wizard and Modify the copy.  The copy is then bound to the report leaving the original query intact for others to use as per normal.


If at any stage you wish to step '<Back' or 'Cancel' what you are doing, click on the appropriate button.


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