Modify An Existing Subject

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To Modify a Subject you must be in the DataPA Analytics Engine screen.


1.Select the System name in the Treeview,
2.Select 'Subjects'
3.Select the Subject you want to modify.


The Details will be displayed on the right hand side.



To amend the name and description of the Subject select the 'Name' Tab.


To view the type of the subject select the 'Type' Tab. (Note: This is not updateable.)


To amend the tables in the subject select the 'Tables' Tab


To modify any business logic Parameters select the 'Parametesr' Tab


To change the subject's conditions select the 'Conditions' Tab


To amend the list of  columns in the subject select the 'Select Columns' Tab


To modify any calculated columns in the subject select the 'Calculated Columns' Tab


To change any of the attributes for a column select the ''Column Attributes' Tab


After making any Changes, ensure you Save your Changes

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