Modify An Existing Lookup

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To Modify a Lookup you must be in the DataP Analytics Engine screen.


First choose the system you wish to work with using the System Selection Combo box, and then click on the Links tab.

Any existing Links which have been previously created or imported will be displayed in the List View.


1.Select the System name in the Treeview,
2.Select 'Lookups'
3.Select the Lookup you want to amend.


The Details will be displayed on the right hand side.



To amend the name of the Lookup Select the 'Name' Tab.


To modify the table your lookup will be based on select the 'Table' Tab


To change the conditions select the 'Conditions' Tab


To set the index and description Columns select the 'Columns' Tab


To modify the other options select the 'Options' Tab


After making any Changes, ensure you Save your Changes

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