Lookup Wizard - Lookup Options

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The Lookup Wizard - Lookup Options screen allows to to define options for your lookup.


Lookups retrieve data from tables in your business application to build the selection lists. This data can be cached on the client machine until you determine it needs to be refreshed, to improve performance. You can use the Update Lookups Wizard to force Lookups to be refreshed on each client.


To ensure data for the lookup is cached on the client, tick the Cache lookup data on client check box.




If you want DataPA to omit any items that have a blank description from your lookup, tick the Omit items with blank description check box.


If you want the lookup to ensure that every item that appears in your lookup as a unique description, tick the Ignore Duplicate items check box.


If you want the items in your lookup sorted by description, check the Sort items check box.


If you want to allow multiple items to be selected in your lookup, check the Allow  Multiple Selections check box.


Click on the 'Next >' button to go continue to the Lookup Wizard - Finished form. Click on the 'Cancel' button at any time to leave the Lookup Wizard without saving any changes. Click on the '< Back' button at any time to step back and review your work.





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