Query Wizard - Select Sources (Blending Query)

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A blending query allows you to blend data from two or more seperate sources into a single data table




With both the Outer and Inner sections, you can choose to select an Query from the current dashboard, or choose to create a new query. Choosing a new query will run another Query Wizard before returning to this screen.






You then select the refresh behaviour...



Refresh the Query that provides this data when the blending query is refreshed


Only Refresh the query that provides this data if there is no data available


The second option would be used in cases where the table's data does not change.


If you are editing the Query you can choose to 'Clear Data' so that the query is refreshed,.


If either the Outer or Inner Table Data is set to another query in then a checkbox is enabled that allows this query to be refreshed if an underlying query is refreshed,




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