Query Wizard - Select Columns (Blending Query)

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You have already selected the two datasets to be Blended and set up the Joins, the Blended dataset may contain data columns that you do not wish to be included in your Query.  The Query Wizard - Select Columns (Blending Query) form lets you choose which Columns will be included in your Query, and in what order they will be included.




The screen displays a List of the columns that are 'Available' for selection, grouped from each datasource in the Blended Query, and a list of columns that you have already selected.  To select a Field, first highlight it by Clicking on it in the Available list, and then click on the '>' button to move it over to the Selected list. You can also do multiple selections by holding the mouse button down and then clicking on the '>>' button or dragging the mouse over the required columns.


You can also use the box immediately above the Column lists to enter part of the Column name that you are wanting to Add/Remove. As you type in this box you will notice that the list of Columns will be filtered based on the what you have typed. This is a useful way of searching for the column you want if there is a large number of Columns in the DataSet you are using for this Query.



You can deselect any of the Selected Columns, or change their listing or order in the Selected list.  While you can deselect multiple Columns you can only change the order of one column at a time.


First highlight the Column(s) in the Selected list in the same way that you can highlight fields in the Available list.  Then click on '<',  If you click on '<<' all columns(s) will be de-selected and moved back into the Available list.




Since the list of selected columns are blended from different data sources there may be duplicate column names selected, or the names of the columns may need to be changed to be more user friendly. The selected column names can be changed using the 'Change Column Name' button that opens a screen to change the name of the column.




Press OK to confirm the change to the column name.


Once you have finished making your selections click on the 'Next >' button to move on to the Query Wizard - Sort Criteria form.

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