Query Wizard - Sort Criteria (Google Analytics Query)

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In the Query Wizard - Select Columns ( Google Analytics) screen you chose the Columns for which data will be retrieved and displayed by your Query.  The Query Wizard - Sort Criteria screen lets you choose the columns by which you wish to sort the data your Query retrieves.  The columns you choose to sort the data by, do not have to be column you have selected to display.


As with the Select Column screen, Filtering of the lists and viewing of data are available.


As with the Select Columns screen, you select Column in the Available list, and then you can change the order of, or deselect the Columns in the Selected list.


The order of your Selected Columns is very important.  The records will first be sorted into groups by the column field in the list.  Each group of records will then be sorted by the next column selected, and so on.


You can change the sorting order on each of the Columns you have selected.  Click on the column in the Selected List, and then click on the 'Ascending' check box.  If the check box is checked then the data will assort in ascending order (eg 1 - 10). if the check box is unchecked the data will sort in descending or (eg 10 - 1).

Once you have defined your Sort Criteria click 'Next >' to move to the next screen, Query Wizard - Date Range (Google Analytics Query).



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