Locking the AppServer

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DataPA provides Client Settings that allow the system administrator to determine which users on a PC can edit the Systems, Links and Subjects in DataPA. However, these options are stored on the client, and could theoretically be overridden by a user with administrator privileges.


The only way to provide bullet proof security for your application is to control access via the AppServer. This can be achived by first setting your DataLocation to load the setup files from the AppServer.


To ensure the user cannot then subsequently change their DataLocation and thus override the setup loaded from the server, you must enter a unique server code on the AppServer.


To do this, first generate a code by selecting the "Generate Lock Server Code" button on the DataLocation tab of the Security dialog box.



This will open the "Generate Lock Server Code" dialog box that will generate a unique server code for your AppServer.




Copy the code to the clipboard, and open Progress Explorer. From Progress Explorer, right click on the AppServer you wish to configure and open the properties sheet. In the properties sheet, navigate to the "Environmental Variables" option and enter a new variable called PALockServer, pasting in the value you copied from DataPA.


You will need to re-start the AppServer for your changes to take effect.



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