Link Condition

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The Link Condition form lets you build your Link Conditions quickly and simply.






select the column in the Target Table that you wish to compare with a column in the Source Table.


To do this, click on the Combo box button to show a list of the Target Table columns, then click on the column you require.




In the same way that you selected the Target Table column, use the Operators Combo Box to select the appropriate Operator that describes the relationship between the Target Table and  Source Table columns.




Use the Source Table Combo box to choose from a list of suitable Source Table columns.

On occasion you may not want to build a Link Condition which relates a Target Table column to a Source Table column, but you may wish to compare the Target Table column to an 'Expression' or  Fixed Value.  See the example below.




select the Target Table column and Operator as before.




If it is not already checked, click on the 'Expression' Check box,  to make the 'editing' area active.




Enter the Expression or Value that you want the Target table column to be compared against. You can use any valid Progress expression.



The data preview allows you to check the data contained in a particular column. Select the data preview button to launch the data preview screen which will retrieve a pre-specified number of rows (default - 10) and display them in a grid.



The Source and Target Dropdown lists can be refreshed using the Refresh Button.



Click on 'OK' to complete your Link Condition and return to the Link Wizard - Define Join form.


At any time, if you wish to return to the Link Wizard - Define Join form without saving any changes to your Link Condition, just click on 'Cancel'.



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