Boots Contract Manufacturing

Gaining Real-Time Insight

Boots Contract Manufacturing manufacture and develop a wide range of high quality health and beauty products for group and non-group customers, producing over 5,000 different products and manufacturing over 350 million units every year. Boots has created many famous Boots brands both in the UK and in international markets, including No7 and 17 colour cosmetics, the Soltan suncare range, Natural collection and Botanics.
“Boots Contract Manufacturing use DataPA to provide live business intelligence across their ERP and warehousing systems.”

Why Boots Contract Manufacturing chose DataPA

With a traditional data warehouse based business intelligence solution in place, Boots Contract Manufacturing were struggling to reconcile their business intelligence with the manufacturing floor. Reports and KPI’s would indicate a problem that bore no relation to the situation in the business application or manufacturing floor, and areas where the business was missing key targets were not identified until well after the event. The problem stemmed from the historic nature of the intelligence. With so many transactions passing through the business systems in a single day, and information gathered from numerous different data sources on different sites, the batched approach to building the analysis required by the data warehouse led to over complex and incorrect information.

Live data from across the organisation

The implementation of DataPA solved these issues by connecting 8 different databases, on different architectures and across multiple sites, to a single live analytics engine. The intelligence provided is live, drawn from across the organisation and analysed at a single point in time. This provides reports and KPI’s that are consistent with the actual state of the manufacturing process, allowing the company to respond instantly to opportunities and problems as they arise.

Maxima Partnership

Boots Contract Manufacturing were assisted on the project by Maxima who have provided them with a wealth of expertise on QAD software for many years. Maxima are a DataPA reseller for MFG/PRO customers in the UK and Ireland and demonstrated DataPA to Boots.
With its powerful complexity management engine uniquely suited to the QAD architecture and an emphasis on end user reporting, DataPA provides the ideal solution for day to day reporting and high level business intelligence for QAD.

Working together DataPA and Maxima have created a preconfigured solution for MFG/PRO giving QAD customers a product that can be used ‘out the box’.

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